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2010 Seminar Speakers

The list of speakers is continually being updated. The following is a sample of confirmed speakers :


Paul Dickerson - Hayes and Boone LLC
( Past COO - US Energy Agency )

Paul Dickerson ( is a recognized leader and speaker on issues of clean tech and energy efficiency, launching Haynes and Boone’s Clean Tech practice group in 2008. Dickerson served as Chief Operating Officer of the U.S. Department of Energy’s Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy from 2006 until his return to Haynes and Boone, where he is now a Partner. He also served as Chief of Staff for the United States and Foreign Commercial Service at the U.S. Department of Commerce. Paul, who is also a certified public accountant, has published numerous articles and frequently appears on the media circuit discussing politics, business, taxation, financing and other issues relevant to international trade and business.

At this event we look forward to a nano Energy discussion including Algae and advanced Carbon Sequestration processes.


Claes Gustafsson - DNA2.0

*Gene Synthesis and Machine Learning Algorithms as Tools to Manufacture Novel Bio Based Nano Molecules.*

In the early 19^th century, scientists believed that compounds from living organisms could not be synthesized because they possessed a non-physical energy ‘vitalism’. This vitalism myth was forever shattered in 1828 when Fredrich Wöhler synthesized urea, an organic molecule. This revelation changed much of chemistry from a discovery based science to an engineering platform. Today organic chemists can routinely synthesize the most astonishing organic molecules and the field of organic chemistry has had immense effect on society, culture and economy. Similarly, with the current advent of molecular biology, genomics, and most recently synthetic biology, we are now transforming biology to an engineering field by directly altering the biological source code – DNA.


Anders Palmquist - Sahlgreska Academy, Gothenberg

Osseointegration and bone bonding: from macro to nano

Anders Palmquist has a Masters of Science in Materials Engineering and a PHD in Medical Science. Anders has numerous publications and peer reviewed articles. He is connected to the Department of Biomaterials, Sahlgrenska Academy at University of Gothenburg, Göteborg, Sweden, the Institute of Biomaterials and Cell Therapy, Göteborg, Sweden and the BIOMATCELL VINN Excellence Center of Biomaterials and Cell Therapy, Göteborg, Sweden

Anders will be discussing work on Osseointegration and nano scale bone bonding, implants and analytical methods for augmenting histology, histomorphometry and biomechanics techniques. Together the methods and processes provide full characterization both chemically and structurally at the nano-level.


Mark Bunger - LuxResearch

Nanotechnology in drug delivery and toxicology: the Good, the Bad, and the Tiny

Mark is a co-founder of LuxResearch and a frequent speaker with recent presentations to the European Commission, the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS), American Institute of Physics, and other government, academic, and industrial groups.
In this talk, Mark will discuss nano enhanced Battery technologies and promising and emerging fuel cells technologies.


Hal Segelstad - Hal Segelstad Consulting

As a lunch time presenter, Mr. Segelstad will touch on his pioneering role in Solar Energy beginning in 1975. Mr Segelstad has played a significant role in defining, defending and deploying many large scale energy tests and intiatives with NRDC, CPUC, DOE, EPRI, ASES, Sandia Lab, Solar One plant, in addition to SEIA briefings at the White House, and testified to both the White House and Senate.

After scraping his knees often on the commercial / utility / political frey, Mr. Segelstad brings a unique and scientific threaded perspective to nano / green initiatives and a significant number of large scale deployments. The gambit from silicon crystal, thin film, galium arsenide and concentrator designs to innovative studies with Sterling Engines.

Ty Swanson - Nordic Research

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