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2010 Seminar News

Advancing Understanding

News :

  • The November 2010 event is to be held on the Stanford University Campus. Watch for updates
  • Feb 2010 NRSG is pleased to partner with the Swedish American Chamber of Commerce - SACC.

NRSG will continue to lead the seminar technical and speaker content, while SACC will take an operations role including marketing, venue sponsoring, event staffing and event meals. SACC is pleased to partner with NRSG in this Operations role.

Bringing Academics to the public - A nano Science seminar :

At this event we will present topics that sit in academics / basic science, science to science enabling tools, and science close to commercial interests. The topics are in Nano Energy and Nano Medicine, the focus is more the academic side of the scale and will be extremely useful for scientists, financiers, nano businesses and interested guests. Attendees should expect a selection of cutting edge projects and possible emerging products.

Examples :
- packages that convert to diesel fuel
- DNA building libraries and tools
- visualizing tissue response and related libraries using Nano TEM
- nano-CO2 sequestration

In April 2010 we continue the Clean Energy Focus, and success requires additional momentum. This seminar will utilize grants and sponsorships to align efforts, increase public awareness, and build Clean Energy confidence. The goal of this seminar is to emerge with clear tasks for accelerating Clean Energy initiatives, including the creation of a project which attempts to include seminar speakers, advisors and exhibitors.

It is our goal to enlist numerous companies and agencies as sponsors to this forum, which will include three seminar tracks: Energy Creation, Movement and Efficient Energy Usage and Nano-Med. In the later afternoon, complimentary access to the exhibitor area
will be provided to the general public, providing opportunities for all.

With an enhanced Seminar Advisory Board, we expect to enhance both depth and breadth to the Seminar presentation. As we are positioned at more of a federal and less of a state / county level, we will invite a good mix of Domestic and International participants. Together these enhancements offer a unique presentation in addition to greatly enhancing the exposure of PR / Marketing campaigns.

The 2010 event has added a mechanism for foundation and other organizations to find additional value. Typically sponsor / exhibitor dollars are traded for marketing exposure. This new program allows for sponsored dollars to subsidize the participation of other projects / research / business matching candidates.



Speaker Advisors

Hal Segelstad Consulting

2010 Administrative / Operations Partner



Marketing Affiliates

Berkeley Business Seminar Team

2010 Norway Day Festival