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Nordic Research Fund
is a project of the United Charitable Programs,
a registered
501(c)(3) public charity

Making ACA Medical Info Consumable

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Seminar Sponsors

Sponsors are offered Marketing in exchange for Dollars, including the presentation of their organizations and / or projects through the Event Program, Website, display / exhibits and consideration for invitation to time slots for stage presentation or participation in discussion panels.

Financing organizations may subsidize other organizations or projects allowing them to participate in the display / exhibits and as candidates for consideration for further invitation.

All sponsors and / or subsidized organizations and projects will be recognized at the Seminar, and if the deadline is met also in the event program, on the Seminar website and possibly in other Seminar Publications.

The fine print :

All funds raised by Nordic Research Fund are received by
United Charitable Programs
and become the sole property of UCP which, for internal
operating purposes, allocates the funds to the Project.
The Program Manager makes recommendations for disbursements
which are reviewed by UCP for approval.

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State Fundraising and Solicitation Guidelines < here >
Non‐Discrimination Policy < here >

All donors : Note that your contributions will be processed by UCP,
and UCP will be reflected on your billing statement.



Speaker Advisors

Hal Segelstad Consulting

2010 Administrative / Operations Partner



Marketing Affiliates

Berkeley Business Seminar Team

2010 Norway Day Festival